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Management Philosophy

For sustainable growth and development, Terasaki continues its march towards its 100th anniversary and beyond guided by our two unwavering missions below.

1. Pleasure of Producing and Selling Products

We hope to seek the pleasure of producing those first-class electric and electronic products that enjoy good reputations in the world market. We also hope to feel the pleasure of selling them both at domestic and overseas. For this purpose, quality assurance, strict observance of delivery time, and improved productivity are essential.

2. Customer-friendly Services

We make our best effort to satisfy the needs of customers who have chosen us and to provide them with our best services.

3. Survival in Competitions

We are living in the world of competitions. Competitions bring about progress and open up the future. We try our best to survive the competitions.

4. Global Expansion of Business

We have to live in the international community. We will stay as a global company that manufactures world-class products.

5. Utilization of Human Resources

We try our best to ensure that our employees find pleasure in working with their colleagues and significance in spending their one-time-only life in this company.

6. Corporate Ethics

We observe the laws by high ethical standards and take extensive social responsibility.

7. Proper Profit Distribution

We will make efforts for becoming an ever-profiting company. And we will distribute our profits properly as follows:

  1. Technological development and investment in equipment for the future
  2. Dividends to shareholders
  3. Improvement of our employees' quality of life