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As of March 31, 2020

Foundation October 1, 1923
Establish April 1,1980
Capital 1,236,640 thousands of yen
President Taizo Terasaki
Number of employees 1,930 (consolidated) 550(non-consolidated)
Consolidated net sales
36,700 million yen (23,860 million yen)
Consolidated subsidiaries 5 domestics and 8 overseas
Non-consolidated subsidiaries 2 overseas
Affiliated companies 2 domestics
Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange(JASDAQ)(Security code 6637)
Line of business
Marine Systems:
Power distribution system
Group starter panel
Engine monitoring & control system
Medium voltage switchgear
TERASAKI Shore Connection
Seafarer training equipment (Engine room simulator)
Industrial Systems:
Power distribution systems
Co-generation system
Electronic equipment and system
Medium voltage switchgear
Circuit Breakers:
Air Circuit Breakers(ACB)
Moulded case circuit breakers(MCCB)
Earth leakage circuit breakers(ELCB)
Multi cable transit(MCT)
Medical Devices:
Medical tools and equipment
Engineering & Lifecycle Services:
Maintenance and servicing of Terasaki Group products
Engineering services, i.e., equipment design, construction, etc.
Ship operators training